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Shunsuke Ando
Honorary Director:
Takamitsu Ogura, Hotel Management Consultant
Honorary Director:
Yoshiaki Nakamura, Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. CEO

Profile: Shunsuke Ando, Chairman

  • After working for one of Asia’s largest English-language publishers, a leading video game maker, and a major advertising agency, Ando established his own business as a producer, engaging in planning, management, and production of artistic talent and expos both in Japan and overseas.
  • He has handled many aviation and tourism marketing projects for clients including Iran Air, Pan-Am, Continental Airlines, NorthWest Airlines, the Hawaii Tourism Authority, and the Guam Visitors Bureau. From 1990 to 1998 he was the special Japanese representative of the Governor of Guam, helping to attract more than 1 million Japanese visitors to Guam.
  • He currently acts as a business and marketing adviser to many corporations.
  • He is also the author of Moshi kaze ga mieru nara (If the wind were visible), a nonfiction work published by Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.

Profile: Takamitsu Ogura, Honorary Director

  • Joined Tokyo Hilton International in 1974 and contributed to the growth of the Hilton Group as the world’s number one sales representative. Subsequently launched and managed several domestic and international resort hotels as general manager, such as the Onward Agana Beach Hotel on Guam, and engaged in restoring and running business hotels.
  • Currently serving as an advisor and consultant in other areas of the tourism industry.

Profile: Yoshiaki Nakamura, Honorary Director

  • Yoshiaki Nakamura joined Don Quijote Co., Ltd. in 2000. Having served as director of the publicity, IR, marketing and new business divisions, he was appointed the executive office’s general manager and director of inbound projects in July 2008. In July 2013 he established and headed Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. In addition to his work for Don Quijote Group, he has consulted for the state, local governments, and private corporations, provided education and training, and worked on promotional coordination in the area of inbound solutions.
  • In collaboration with regional governments, he delivers around 200 talks annually to local governments and corporations throughout Japan, including serving as speaker and moderator at the “2nd G7 Ise-Shima Summit Forum” in Mie Prefecture and as commemoration speaker and moderator at the “Forum to Commemorate the Minabe-Tanabe Ume System’s Designation as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS).” Through activities on committees that bring together commercial and tourist facilities from across wide regions in the name of regional collaboration, he educates on collaborative activities that transcend industrial, occupational and competitive relationships. He is also dedicated to human resources training and development through forums and seminars he organizes.
  • He official duties include serving as director of the Association Japan Inbound Education, guest professor at Hollywood Graduate School of Beauty Business and Kobe Yamate University, director of the Japan Hospitality Movement Association and chairperson of its Global Strategy Committee, vice chairperson of the Japan Tax Free Shop Association, a director of Minnnano Gaikokugo Kentei Foundation, chairperson of the Kansai Gourmet Tourism Promotion Association, and chairperson of the Tourism Policy Research Society.
  • In addition to regular columns in the weekly publication Travel Journal, his publications include several books (in Japanese): Don Quijote style: The challenge to become a tourism nation, (Media Research, Inc., 2013), Inbound strategies (Jiji Press Ltd., 2014), English conversation to entertain visitors: Profitable English (Asahi Press, 2015), and Tourism Nation Revolution (Canaria Communications, 2015), and Vacant rooms will save Japan! (co-author, Diamond, Inc., 2016).